Non-Qualified Plans Enhance Executive Retention

At the Todd Organization, the leader in executive compensation and Executive Benefit Plans, we understand the emphasis an employer places on hiring, motivating, and keeping the best and the brightest executives available. For more than 50 years, The Todd Organization has consistently helped employers utilize executive compensation plans to meet corporate objectives.

Considered to be among the most useful strategies for retaining valuable executives, Non-Qualified Plans are considered an essential component to help executives accumulate wealth in a tax deferred environment. They also enable executives to diversify and reduce the levels of volatility in their personal investment portfolio.

The Todd Organization can help your organization to properly design and maintain cost effective Executive Benefit Plans, such as Non-Qualified Plans, to provide you with a significant competitive advantage to retain your best executives.


Studies indicate that 95% of the Fortune 1000 companies offer Non-Qualified Executive Benefit Plans to their key employees. Further, executives who have a diversified personal wealth strategy in place are more likely to perform at higher levels.