BOLI Planning & Analysis

To ensure that your BOLI program will be most effective, The Todd Organization performs an extensive analysis. If applicable, a preliminary assessment will be made to understand existing executive retirement plans and other obligations financed with BOLI. We will assess what they deliver and why they were installed.

We explore and clarify the company’s philosophy regarding benefits. This often includes management and board interviews to gauge business objectives. We will also review BOLI programs that your peers and competitors have so that this may be factored into the company’s strategy.

Our review and analysis of your existing plans typically will include an assessment of the following:

  • Effectiveness in meeting participant needs and corporate objectives.
  • Benchmarking the plans to those of other selected companies.
  • Degree to which the plans retain and attract executives.
  • Tax effectiveness.
  • Impact to earnings and the balance sheet.
  • Regulatory compliance and disclosure issues.
  • Effectiveness of communications with participants and targeted participants.

Based on our experience and knowledge, as well as a thorough understanding of your objectives and financial constraints, we help you determine the BOLI program that best meets your objectives.