The Todd Organization, a leader in executive compensation and executive benefits plans, offers the most experienced Executive Benefit Consultants to provide you with expert guidance through plan design and implementation, including a range of disciplines that address both qualified and nonqualified plans.

The first step in the Todd Organization's approach is to listen to your concerns and objectives, in order to develop unique plans that address your organization’s needs. We understand that each company’s situation and goals for an executive benefit plan are different. That's why the Todd Organization analyzes your company’s existing plans to see how well they are meeting your strategic objectives and how they compare with your particular industry.

The Todd Organization also understands that it is important to design plans that are easily understood and are administered with cost efficiencies in mind. In addition, we understand that your plan’s liabilities must afford an asset hedging strategy that has minimal impact to on your company's financial statements.

The Todd Organization's disciplined process enables consultants to:
• Help corporations identify and reach agreement of the plan objectives
• Develop a timeline of events to implement the plan
• Identify the personnel that needs to be involved with the administration
• Steward the activity until the desired results are accomplished

With more than 50 years experience, the Todd Organization, a leader in executive compensation and executive benefits plans, has been helping employers develop, implement, and maintain their deferred compensation plans. Our consultants are trained to be experts who help lead employers through the often difficult maze of government regulations, and they can suggest alternatives to benefit corporate objectives.