A Message for the Legal Team at Your Company

As a member of your organization’s legal group you know better than most that, if not monitored for thoroughness and accuracy, Executive Benefit Plans can present a unique set of regulatory challenges with a significant impact to the corporation and the plan participants. The highly qualified consultants at the Todd Organization, a leader in executive compensation and executive benefits plans, understand the importance of designing and documenting plans that are compliant in form and function.

Our consultants and professionals can help ensure that your company’s Executive Benefit and Executive Compensation plans are designed and administered in a compliant manner.

The Todd Organization can assist your internal and external legal teams to draft the plan documentation, consult with your team on the feasibility of compliant administration, and ensure that ongoing processing is consistent with the Plan Document. Further, since the Todd Organization administers hundreds of plans, we consistently remain ahead of the legislative curve to help you determine the impact of code changes before they occur.