Plan Administration

The Todd Organization provides fully integrated systems supported by a multi-disciplinary team, accessible via a single point of contact.

We deliver tools and resources to effectively manage and oversee plan administration, including conversion schedules; transition communication plans; financial and accounting reports; and annual plan reviews. Most importantly, we minimize the burdens on your organization by centralizing administrative activities through our staff rather than yours.

Once our clients have implemented an Executive Benefit Plan, we closely monitor the results to ensure that it continues to meet their objectives. Some of the strategies we employ include:

Comprehensive conversion management tools: We utilize conversion schedules, interface specifications, a detailed communication plan, toll-free phone assistance throughout the transition, and a plan administration manual to ensure that the transition is timely and smooth.

Enrollment Activity Analysis: We provide in-depth plan information and analysis to help the client constantly monitor and address the needs of the plan and its participants. This analysis includes plan participation summaries and projected deferrals, asset allocation detail, trend analysis, investment fund utilization, and recommendations to increase overall participation.

Master Calendar: We deliver a customized master calendar that provides plan sponsors with a detailed chronology of key events, activities, and deliverables throughout the year.

Accounting and Financial Reporting: We provide total outsourcing of your financial reporting system to help you effectively manage the unique financial reporting requirements of Non-Qualified Plans. Our standard reporting package includes:

  • Asset value reports.
  • Liability reports.
  • Customized corporate accounting and journal entries.
  • Participant account activity summaries.

Quality Assurance: We employ numerous internal and external controls to assure that the integrity of client data is protected and our systems are secure.